A new version of “The Knob” BlueTooth 4.0 aka BLE


Here is a new Version of my rotating Knob. It now uses Bluetooth Low Energy aka BT 4.0 to communicate to the iOS device. I’m using the BLE Shield by RedBear Labs. I also coded a native App to have access to the iOS music library. So now it kan be used as a replacement for that cool, but expensive, infotainment systems integrated in cars. Mine doesn’t have one. On the other side Toyota’s infotainment systems aren’t cool. Hey guys take a look at Audi or BMW. And last but not least it has a new case with an aluminium knob. It looks very nice now. In addition it is enough space to put in a 9V battery to use it completely wireless.

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4 Responses to “A new version of “The Knob” BlueTooth 4.0 aka BLE”

  1. Finn

    You are doing really crazy and cool stuff :-)

  2. Mirko Ugolini

    hello Christoph,

    As you can see from my website I developed one hardware device and I controll it by SMS and Bluetooth.
    I’d Like to extend it to Iphone so I found some BLE Module based on TI chip.
    The problem is to port my Android App to IPhone.
    I thought to do that using Adobe Flash Builder.
    But I can’t find any plugin or source code for controll BLE device.
    Could you give me some info about your sorce code? mybe the source code?


    Mirko Ugolini

  3. webfraggle


    You are right. There are no Actionscript functions to use BLE. I have done this knob media Player App in native Objective C. If you want to use BLE in Actionscript you need to develop a Native Extension for that.

  4. webfraggle

    Sorry. Wrong comment answered.