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27. Dezember, 2017

Raspberry Pi autostart chromium on login

To autostart chromium on start / boot, without Desktop Environment, you have to do the following: 1. Install Chromium My tutorial to install chromium an Raspberry Pi without desktop Environment. 2. Use raspi-config to configure sudo raspi-config -> Boot Config –> Desktop / CLI —> Console Autologin 2. Add your start script at the end of „.bashrc“ Mine is xinit /home/pi/ Don’t forget the xinit. […]

27. Dezember, 2017

Raspberry Pi: Rotate Official Touch Display by 90°

I wanted to rotate my Rasperry Pi Touch Display by 90 degrees. But I noticed this isn’t possible via boot parameters in the config.txt file. It is possible to rotate the display in config.txt, but the touch input will not work correctly. There is also a change in the newest raspbian xinput driver releases. xinput set-prop ‚FT5406 memory based driver‘ ‚Evdev Axes Swap‘ 1 does […]

26. Dezember, 2017

Exit screensaver on Raspberry Pi with motion sensor

Hardware I want to build a smart home display for my living room. Additionally it should go to to sleep/screensaving automatically and I want it to wake up if someone walks by. So I buyed a cheap infrared PIR motion sensor. Something like this: Look at amazon Then I connected it to 5V, GND and GPIO Pin 4: Search Google for images And now the […]

10. Dezember, 2017

Installing Chromium on Raspberry Pi without desktop

Start with a Rasbian light version. Install chromium and x-server sudo apt-get install chromium-browser sudo apt-get install xserver-xorg sudo apt-get install xinit If you now start chromium-browser it will show the following error: Failed to put Xlib into threaded mode. Gtk-WARNING cannot open display this is because you have to start it with xinit: xinit chromium-browser Chromium will start, but you will need a minimal […]