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18. September, 2012

THE KNOB II – Wifi-Hardware

You know, I’m addicted to rotating knobs. And this is my new version. This one works over Wifi. So it works for desktop and mobile, native and Adobe Air. It is build with an Arduino Leonardo, a RedFly Wifi Shield and a ProtoShield with 10 buttons, 1 rotary encoder and 3 LEDs. On the software side I’m using the OSC protocol over UDP which is […]

19. November, 2011

Adobe AIR Gyroscope Native Extension with Euler Angles (roll, pitch, yaw) for iOS

UPDATE: I have released the extension including source on google code with some changes. Euler Gyroscope ANE on Google Code I baked my very first AIR iOS Native Extension. It’s just an adapted version of this version from Adobe. Because in my opinion the data of radians per second aren’t really good to handle. So I looked into Apples API documentation and found out that […]

7. August, 2011

Kinderlieder Karaoke Update

Meine Kinderlieder App ist im iTunes Store in der Versionn 1.2 erschienen. Neu ist eine speziell angepasste iPad Version. http://apps.xplore-it.de/ Viel Spaß damit.

16. Juli, 2011

Fastest way to install debug build on iPhone.

If you are developing with an other framework than Xcode, Flash or Appcelerator Titanium it is a long way to get the .ipa file installed on your iPhone. You have to update the .ipa in your iTunes or the iPhone Configuration Utility and than you have to Sync your iPhone again. That needs time an many clicks and drag & drop operations. So I found […]

26. November, 2010

„Kinderlieder Karaoke“ – Meine erste iPhone App

„Kinderlieder Karaoke“ ist nach langer Registrierungs- und Reviewzeit seitens Apple nun endlich im App Store verfügbar. Es ist eine App für Eltern die mit ihren Kindern singen wollen, aber weder Texte oder Melodien kennen. Probiert es einfach selbst aus: Kinderlieder Karaoke Light im App Store öffnen

1. Juli, 2010

Simulations of medical devices on touch devices, multi-screen publishing (Desktop, iPhone, iPad, Android …)

At innovation mecom, where I’m employed, we developed a simulation for training and marketing of a Dräger NIV ventilator called Carina®. It’s a small handy device to ventilate patients in hospitals. This Flash AS3 simulation reproduces all functions of the real device. So it is possible to get a real good impression of it even without using a real device. UPDATE: The iPhone Version is […]