THE KNOB II – Wifi-Hardware

You know, I’m addicted to rotating knobs. And this is my new version. This one works over Wifi. So it works for desktop and mobile, native and Adobe Air. It is build with an Arduino Leonardo, a RedFly Wifi Shield and a ProtoShield with 10 buttons, 1 rotary encoder and 3 LEDs.

On the software side I’m using the OSC protocol over UDP which is very fast and responsive.

Adobe AIR Gyroscope Native Extension with Euler Angles (roll, pitch, yaw) for iOS

UPDATE: I have released the extension including source on google code with some changes.
Euler Gyroscope ANE on Google Code

I baked my very first AIR iOS Native Extension. It’s just an adapted version of this version from Adobe. Because in my opinion the data of radians per second aren’t really good to handle. So I looked into Apples API documentation and found out that there are Euler Angles in the CMMotionManager CMDeviceMotion classes. So I just changed a few lines in the Objective-C Code. I learned much from this tutorial Native Extionsion for Adobe AIR and iOS 101 by Liquid Photo

NSString *myStr = [NSString stringWithFormat:@"%f&%f&%f&%f&%f&%f", 

[motionManager startDeviceMotionUpdates];

motionManager.deviceMotionUpdateInterval = 0;

And added these three parameters roll, pitch and yaw to the Actionscript Gyroscope Event.

new GyroscopeEvent(GyroscopeEvent.UPDATE, _x, _y, _z, _roll, _pitch, _yaw)

You can download source and final iOS .ane Native Extension file here:
iOS Air Native Extension Gyroscope – with Euler Angles

Resign an iPhone App, insert new Bundle ID and send to Xcode Organizer for Upload

The challenge: Create a Flash App, pack it with the Packager for iPhone with my certificate and provisioning profiles, send it to the client that he can resign it with his informations and import it into Xcode Organizer for validating and uploading to the App Store.
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Simulations of medical devices on touch devices, multi-screen publishing (Desktop, iPhone, iPad, Android …)

At innovation mecom, where I’m employed, we developed a simulation for training and marketing of a Dräger NIV ventilator called Carina®. It’s a small handy device to ventilate patients in hospitals. This Flash AS3 simulation reproduces all functions of the real device. So it is possible to get a real good impression of it even without using a real device.

UPDATE: The iPhone Version is online.

The online version of this trainer can be found here.

I did the coding of this simulation and I thought it would be an amazing experience to use this on an iPhone or another touch device.

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Warum ich Apple liebe…

Warum ich Apple liebe: Situation, mein Chef und ich im Zug. Wir wollen beide mit unseren Rechnern ins Interent. Ich klappe mein MacBook auf, melde mich an, krame mein iPhone aus der Hose, schalte Bluetooth und Tethering ein, Klick, Klick, „mit iPhone verbinden“ und ich kann mit meinen Kollegen chatten. Währenddessen fährt das teure Vaio Business Notebook mit integriertem UMTS Modem nebenan noch hoch. Nach der Anmeldung und dem Starten des Verbindungsmanagers lässt sich die Sim nicht dazu überreden eine Pin abzufragen. Rumprobieren, Manager neustarten, geht nicht. Also noch mal runter und hoch fahren. Ich checke und beantworte inzwischen schon meine mails und chatte munter weiter. Nach dem Neustart kann er endlich eine Pin eingeben und ist online. Inzwischen habe ich sogar noch des Chefs iPhone gejailbreakt. Und darum liebe ich Apple Produkte.