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18. September, 2012

THE KNOB II – Wifi-Hardware

You know, I’m addicted to rotating knobs. And this is my new version. This one works over Wifi. So it works for desktop and mobile, native and Adobe Air. It is build with an Arduino Leonardo, a RedFly Wifi Shield and a ProtoShield with 10 buttons, 1 rotary encoder and 3 LEDs. On the software side I’m using the OSC protocol over UDP which is […]

8. November, 2011

Adobe AIR 3: How to build a Captive Runtime, Standalone Bundle Executable App

The challenge was to build a Adobe Air 3 Standalone Executable. Also called a „Captive Runtime“ or a Bundle. Here are some better descriptions: But it was not so easy as it sounds because the order of the adt options are very important! If the order isn’t correct you get the error „-storetype is required„. And if you are behind a firewall or no […]

23. Januar, 2011

Gas flow simulation through tubes with stardust particle engine

The Challenge: Simulate the flow through the tubes in a medical device. The device is a anesthesia workstation where three different gases are mixed. The device has two main working modes, manual ventilation and controlled ventilation. We had to find a solution to show the flow between the parts in different situations in a very understandable way. We designed a schematic version of the devices‘ […]

20. Juli, 2010

AS3 FLVPlayback smoothing the scaling.

I searched a little while, found only AS2 workarounds, but here is the AS3 version of interpolated, smooth video scaling of a FLVPlayback. //playback is your FLVplayback instance playback.getVideoPlayer(playback.activeVideoPlayerIndex).smoothing = true; I use it after the ready event was send.