16. Juli, 2011

Fastest way to install debug build on iPhone.

Von webfraggle

If you are developing with an other framework than Xcode, Flash or Appcelerator Titanium it is a long way to get the .ipa file installed on your iPhone. You have to update the .ipa in your iTunes or the iPhone Configuration Utility and than you have to Sync your iPhone again. That needs time an many clicks and drag & drop operations. So I found a new way. It makes use of the OTA (Over The Air) installation feature of IOS 4 and higher.

Step 1: Configuration

  1. Install (If you did not have one installed already) a web server on your local machine. MAMP on Mac or XAMPP on Windows
  2. Create a new directory for the OTA files somewhere
  3. Create an alias in your http.conf to that folder
    Alias /yourapp "/Users/christoph/Documents/path/to/OTA"
  4. Use iOS Beta Builder to create the files to the OTA folder
  5. Open Safari on the iPhone type in your local machines ip plus alias e.g.: http// Click install and OK

Step 2: Use it after every build

And everytime you have an update you have only to do these steps (iOS Beta Builder is opened and used one time):

  1. Switch to iOS Beta Builder, press „Generate Deployment Files“, the folder should be correct, so just „Choose Directory“
  2. Switch to Safari, press the install link from the already opened local machines URL

For me it’s time saving.

Any other ideas how to improve the process to get .ipa files installed on the iOS device? Please comment.