fl.explor’r is a desktop widget for Mac.OSX and Windows (Linux may work also but not tested), which shows flickr photos on your desktop. You can let it show pictures in different sizes and from the following flickr ressources:

  • - Interesting photos
  • - Photos of a flickr group
  • - Photos searched by tags

fl.explor’r is based on the Adobe® AIR™ runtime engine.

Just click on the badge to install it (Mac.OSX and Windows) and have fun:

Please upgrade your Flash Player This is the content that would be shown if the user does not have Flash Player 9.0.115 or higher installed.


This version is just a public beta version and comes with no warranties.
Known Problems:
– Always in front just works with user interaction and not on startup! AIR bug?
- Autostart on login is not working on my machine. now it works, I think this was fixed with the framework 3.1

You need:

Special Thanks
Sven Claar, for his workshop on the FFK08 his Videotraining on video2brain DVD. He inspired me after years of flash coding to start with flex and air.

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