$1 Recognizer for Flash Actionscript


While my research for a gesture, pattern or dwt recognition algorithm for recognizing movements of the wiimote’s accelerometers I found this amazing small but accurate “$1 Gesture Recognizer in JavaScript“. Because it works great I converted it into Actionscript for Flash. Here you can test it and download the source:

This movie requires Flash Player 9


Download Source: DollarFlashGestures.zip

More Information
Project Page:
$1 Gesture Recognizer – Examples and Source (Javascript, Actionscript, and C#)

A PDF by Jacob O. Wobbrock, Andrew D. Wilson and Yang Li where they explained DollarFlashGestures.zipalgorithm:
Gestures without Libraries, Toolkits or Training:
A $1 Recognizer for User Interface Prototypes

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2 Responses to “$1 Recognizer for Flash Actionscript”

  1. chris

    this is really cool. how did you set the points up for it to recognize the gestures? do you have a learning algorithm?

  2. admin

    No, there are static templates but you can manually learn them new templates.