THE KNOB III – BlueTooth 4.0 aka BLE

Here is a new Version of my rotating Knob. It now uses Bluetooth Low Energy aka BT 4.0 to communicate to the iOS device. I’m using the BLE Shield by RedBear Labs. I also coded a native App to have access to the iOS music library. So now it kan be used as a replacement for that cool, but expensive, infotainment systems integrated in cars. Mine doesn’t have one. On the other side Toyota’s infotainment systems aren’t cool. Hey guys take a look at Audi or BMW. And last but not least it has a new case with an aluminium knob. It looks very nice now. In addition it is enough space to put in a 9V battery to use it completely wireless.

4 thoughts on “THE KNOB III – BlueTooth 4.0 aka BLE

  1. webfraggle says:


    You are right. There are no Actionscript functions to use BLE. I have done this knob media Player App in native Objective C. If you want to use BLE in Actionscript you need to develop a Native Extension for that.

  2. hello Christoph,

    As you can see from my website I developed one hardware device and I controll it by SMS and Bluetooth.
    I’d Like to extend it to Iphone so I found some BLE Module based on TI chip.
    The problem is to port my Android App to IPhone.
    I thought to do that using Adobe Flash Builder.
    But I can’t find any plugin or source code for controll BLE device.
    Could you give me some info about your sorce code? mybe the source code?


    Mirko Ugolini

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