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24. November, 2018

Mein digitaler Bilderrahmen

Und da ist er. Mein selbst gebauter und selbst programmierter digitaler Bilderrahmen aus den Teilen meines alten Formac 2010 Monitor. Der ist zwar alt, hat aber immer noch eine tolle Farbwiedergabe. Nettes Detail, ein E-Ink Display mit Informationen zum Bild.

6. Januar, 2018

Rotate Pimoroni Hyperpixel 90°

Display Rotation First change display rotation in /boot/config.txt display_rotate=1 Edit Hyperpixel touch driver Then you need to edit the touch driver. Luckily it is a python script. I have the Information from here https://forums.pimoroni.com/t/hyper-pixel-rotate/5276/4. But the script has changed. sudo nano /usr/bin/hyperpixel-touch So here are my changes. In the upper part Exchange 480 by 800 and viceversa: (e.ABS_X, AbsInfo(value=0, min=0, max=480, fuzz=0, flat=0, resolution=1)),   […]

27. Dezember, 2017

Raspberry Pi autostart chromium on login

To autostart chromium on start / boot, without Desktop Environment, you have to do the following: 1. Install Chromium My tutorial to install chromium an Raspberry Pi without desktop Environment. 2. Use raspi-config to configure sudo raspi-config -> Boot Config –> Desktop / CLI —> Console Autologin 2. Add your start script at the end of „.bashrc“ Mine is xinit /home/pi/start-c.sh Don’t forget the xinit. […]

27. Dezember, 2017

Raspberry Pi: Rotate Official Touch Display by 90°

I wanted to rotate my Rasperry Pi Touch Display by 90 degrees. But I noticed this isn’t possible via boot parameters in the config.txt file. It is possible to rotate the display in config.txt, but the touch input will not work correctly. There is also a change in the newest raspbian xinput driver releases. xinput set-prop ‚FT5406 memory based driver‘ ‚Evdev Axes Swap‘ 1 does […]

2. Januar, 2015

Silent Meditation Timer for a Singing Bowl

In 2014 I had another idea about a meditation timer for singing bowl (Klangschale). A clapper which automatically hammers after a specified amount of time. I had some features in mind: It needs to fit on a wide range of bowls. The mechanics needs to be silent. The timer needs to be adjustable Maybe it can also bell in adjustable time intervals, like Tich Nhat Hanh’s […]

13. Februar, 2014

New Enclosure for my Knob

In 2013 I started designing a nice enclosure for my knob. But unfortunately I never finished it. I designed it by layering laser cutted acrylic glas. It has the followong features: Li-Po battery power Wireless charger Stand for iPad and iPad mini Bluetooth Audio connection   Here are the vector files which i have used for cutting. TheKnobCutFiles.zip  

2. Februar, 2013

THE KNOB III – BlueTooth 4.0 aka BLE

Here is a new Version of my rotating Knob. It now uses Bluetooth Low Energy aka BT 4.0 to communicate to the iOS device. I’m using the BLE Shield by RedBear Labs. I also coded a native App to have access to the iOS music library. So now it kan be used as a replacement for that cool, but expensive, infotainment systems integrated in cars. […]

18. September, 2012

THE KNOB II – Wifi-Hardware

You know, I’m addicted to rotating knobs. And this is my new version. This one works over Wifi. So it works for desktop and mobile, native and Adobe Air. It is build with an Arduino Leonardo, a RedFly Wifi Shield and a ProtoShield with 10 buttons, 1 rotary encoder and 3 LEDs. On the software side I’m using the OSC protocol over UDP which is […]

27. Januar, 2009

Arduino – 4×20 LCD – LCD Smartie – 0012

Als ich letzte Woche ein etwas älteres 4×20 alphanumerisches LCD Dipsplay im Keller fandt, dachte ich mir, das muss doch auch an das Arduino Board gehen. Kurz gegoogled, geht. Also Habe ich neue Drähte angelötet und auf dem Breadboard verkabelt. In der neuen 0012er Entwicklungsumgebung ist die LCD Library auch schon von Hause aus drin. Also das erste „Hallo Welt“ Script war schnell geschrieben. Aber […]

20. Juli, 2008

Arduino Board läuft wunderbar

Hier mein Arduino Board mit allem bestückt, was ich zur Hand hatte. Läuft soweit gut, nur an der Flash Kommunikation hapert es noch ein wenig. Muss mal schauen, warum die Digitalen OUTs nicht immer das machen, was sie sollen.